Selected PublicationsFull Lists

  • Auto-HPCnet: An Automatic Framework to Build Neural Network-based Surrogate Models for HPC Applications.(HPDC’ 23) Wenqian Dong , Gokcen Kestor and Dong Li
  • Betty: Enabling Large-Scale GNN Training with Batch-Level Graph Partitioning.(ASPLOS’ 23) Shuangyan Yang, Mingjia Zhang, Wenqian Dong , and Dong Li;
  • Fauce: Fast and Accurate Deep Ensembles with Uncertainty for Cardinality Estimation.(VLDB’ 21) Jie Liu, Wenqian Dong , Qingqing Zhou, and Dong Li
  • MD-HM: Memoization-based Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Big Memory System.(ICS’ 21) Zhen Xie, Wenqian Dong, Jie Liu, Ivy Peng, Yanbao Ma and Dong Li
  • Tahoe: Tree Structure-Aware High Performance Inference Engine for Decision Tree Ensemble on GPU. (EuroSys’ 21)  Zhen Xie,Wenqian Dong, Jiawen Liu, Hang Liu and Dong Li;
  • Smart-PGSim: Using Neural Network to Accelerate AC-OPF Power Grid Simulation. (SC’ 20) Wenqian Dong Zhen Xie, Gokcen Kestor and Dong Li;
  • Adaptive Neural Network-Based Approximation to Accelerate Eulerian Fluid Simulation.(SC’ 19)  Wenqian Dong, Jie Liu, Zhen Xie and Dong Li;